Monday, July 20, 2009

Heart of A Cowgirl

Just wanted to say how much I love this blog, Heart of A Cowgirl. Thought you might enjoy it too!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whole Foods Is Fab-U-Lous!!!!!

Ahh, Whole Foods Market. What can I say about Whole Foods Market except that it is the best place since sliced bread! I walked into Whole Foods to pick up a couple of necessary Scout items. We always purchase her Tofutti ice cream, her Van's egg and dairy-free waffles and her vanilla soy pudding but as I was perusing the aisles, I found a few items that I really couldn't live without all residing in the baking aisle. The first one was the 365 Everyday brand Oatmeal Cookie Mix. This mix has no egg, no dairy and is clearly marked that they make good practice on any cross-contamination issues of allergens. Nice. The second thing that I found was 365 Everyday brand Corn and Muffin Mix. Again, no dairy, no eggs and safe for Scout. So normally, I try to avoid package foods. No, I am not a health nut psycho. I just don't think it's that good to always be munching on something out of a box, but sometimes that just has to go out the window when you need something quick and easy.

So the Oatmeal Cookie Mix, here's how easy: Dump the mix in mixing bowl. Add 8tbsp. of dairy free margarine (you know that I always use Nucoa) and about three tablespoons of applesauce instead of eggs that it calls for. Pop them in the oven for however long the box tells you (or longer because my oven is lame) and these cookies came out great. I know that you will really enjoy them.

So the Corn and Muffin Mix gives you two options, you can either make corn muffins or cornbread. I opted for the muffins because kids can handle them easier and they look like cupcakes which always peaks their attention. Again, super easy, dump mix into mixing bowl. I don't have the box with me because I discarded it a bit to premature, but follow the box mix. When it tells you to add an egg substitute it for 3 tbsps. of applesauce and substitute the whole milk with soy. Scout loved them. Peanut didn't like them. I couldn't try them because they contained soy so see what you think and let us know.

I also purchased a 365 Everyday Pound Cake Mix. This mix has no egg or dairy, but this one I haven't experimented with yet, because it calls for eight eggs. I don't want to use all applesauce because I don't want it to taste like a giant apple so maybe even tofu this time. Something to keep its consistency going.

I also have to tell you what great customer service I had at Whole Foods. I not only had to pick a few items for the Scout, but I was also in some desperate need, and I mean desperate, because I drink it every morning faithfully, was some Oregon Chai Tea Original. I love this stuff. Unfortunately, I think I have drained the surplus at both of the major supermarkets close to our house, so I went in search. Whole Foods was also out saying the manufacture didn't have it in stock. They had the vanilla and the de-caf and the pre-mix which I don't really like, but totally out of the Original. I did spot one called "Vegan" and flipped the box over so I could see the ingredients. It has the exact same ingredients as the Original minus the honey. Well, I guess I could add my own honey and they have a ton of them, so I put it in my basket. I asked the nice guy that worked there when they expected to get more of the Original in and he said that it would probably be a couple of days but that he would be glad to order me some. I love stores with great customer service. Even better then that, he said they have what's called the "Try It" program where if your normal brand is out of stock and you want to try a different brand before you commit to it, the store will let you try it for free. I was able to take home a carton of the Vegan Chai Tea absolutely free so I could try it out to see if I liked it. This is why I love Whole Foods!